Sample Opening Prayer For A Debut Program I Need To Write Some Prayers For Children, Where Can I Find Some Examples?

I need to write some prayers for children, where can I find some examples? - sample opening prayer for a debut program

I am a Presbyterian. I must write a few sentences for opening and closing of the school year. I'm in a writer's block. Help! Is there an online site that provides samples or prayers? I have some books on prayer, but not what I want.


Quella Bella™ said...

As a Minister for Children at the age of 10 years, the best advice I can give, to pray. God will you the words.
The reason that the books are not what they (in my opinion) want to do is because God wants to speak through you. Do not pray for another person.

God Bless


9_ladydi said...

The Lord's Prayer.
1. It shows you how to honor God.
2. Ask to hear more people to believe and obey his gospel.
3. Helping to be more willing to serve God here on earth.
4. I asked God to provide what we need.
5. To ask for forgiveness and help us to forgive others
6. Ask God to lead us from falling into temptation and make us strong enough to resist the temptation.

scoot said...


Hey Teacher .. leave the children alone ... All in all, you're just another brick in the wall.

Southern Comfort said...

There are a series of books entitled "The prayers of much help to young people and other age groups, with prayer book for young people to teach, our own prayers of several years. Books are in progress. I am sure that Google can find examples ... and books are available in bookstores

lady_kik... said...

"Now I lay with my Harley to sleep on the street, it has come, when I awoke to take my loot, please do not!" It worked for me!

MICH M said...

I agree w Quella Bella
Ask God what the children come to him.
God knows best, and do not remember, to teach children is just a rhyme well, but the means with a personal message w, our Lord.
Mant blessing

Last Stand 2010 said...

How old? Pre-primary, primary, secondary, higher secondary?

You may have some ideas, but not for the four age groups.

factory stock 07 said...

I like this one
God is great, God is good
I thank you for our foood

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